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Sep. 24th, 2008

hindrance and perfidia

comfort knitting

I've been trying to think of my next knitting pattern now that it's officially fall and...despite 80 degree weather...I can knit with wool again. Technically I still have to seam button bands and sew buttons onto Maude Louise (procrastinating partly because I hate seaming, partly because I'm so nervous that I'm finally going to finish this project and it'll look like crap) and start my second Vog On sock (hardcore second sock syndrome over here), but the Startitis is strong right now. I was thinking of fingerless gloves for Shawn or armwarmers for me, but I just can't handle another project that comes in twos, at least till I finish that damn second sock. Not interested in hats quite yet. Don't want to start a new sweater till Maude Louise is good and done. Don't have the right kind of yarn for this ro that. What to do?

Start a new clapotis of course.

I just wound up four balls of Knitpicks Gloss in burgundy and I'm ready to cast on. Size 8 needles...woot! This will be my comfort knitting, the project I can go back to when I'm tired of tiny needles or a sweater is giving me a headache or I just want to watch dvds and zone out. I've made a mini-clap, but I've been wanting a full length one because I fell in love with the pattern.

Best of all? I only have to cast on two stitches! Squee!

Sep. 6th, 2008

hindrance and perfidia

yarny goodness

The weather is cooling down and I'm itching to knit again. Not that I'm looking forward to another long cold winter (last year almost killed me...I'm being serious, a small part of me died, never to return), but at least I can comfort myself with sticks and string.

I'm almost done with my vog on sock! Going to cast on for the second one immediately, but I'm dying to start other projects so we'll see how that goes. I think I might have enough purple Cascade 220 left over from Maude Louise to make the puff sleeve cardigan from Fitted Knits. Mostly I just want to try knitting a seamless cardigan...I think that's going to rock. I'll try to find a long sleeved tee to wear under it if it comes out looking nice. I also have four skeins of red knitpicks Gloss that I think would make a very pretty Clapotis. So far I only have a mini-clapotis, but I absolutely loved the pattern so I've been wanting to do a full sized one. I also want to make a pair of black (or maybe gray?) convertible mittens to go with the red coat I want to buy myself this year. I'm going to include the subway knitter pocket for my CTA card, even though I've definitely been driving more than taking the train lately (it's not my fault! When construction on the CTA makes my commute more than an hour, I say that my own personal energy needs to be conserved more than whatever gets put out during my 20 min car ride! /rant).

Oh, the ambitions of the first cool day of the year! How they will all be dashed by Xmas! Well, hopefully not all of them.

May. 12th, 2008

hindrance and perfidia

sock it to me

Trying out my new knitting icon, made for me by the fantastic pollyhyper. It's something I've been wanting a long time...Hindrance and Perfidia, the Siamese twins from Dame Darcy's Meatcake who knit cozies for everything.

I finished one Lucky K8 armwarmer. The second one is giving me trouble, and I'm experiencing second-whatever syndrome where I just want to start something new. I wanted a mindless sock pattern for knitting at work/train/etc so I'm making knitty's Thuja for Shawn. Might be a tad tight, but I'm hoping they loosen up in the wash. I'm about the cast on for the second one, just in time for a four hour road trip. Whoo! Trip knitting! I'm using black and white stripey yarn from Tofutti. I like it a lot, it's not too warm so it's perfect hot weather yarn. Not that the weather is hot yet, but I'll be prepared.. I have a couple other balls in girlier colors so I might cast on for a pair of Monkey socks for me after this. Oh yeah, it's totally going to be the Summer of Socks!

Apr. 10th, 2008

hindrance and perfidia

RIP Magknits

I just found out about a minute ago that magknits is no longer. No more site, no more archives, just a goodbye letter from the editors. What's sad is that I'm currently working on the Lucky K8 armwarmers from that site. Whenever I needed a pattern I knew I could poke around the magknits archives for something cool. While it's true that I haven't seen anything on there recently that I really wanted to knit, that's probably just because they only had about four patterns per issue. I usually only like three or four out of 25 patterns on knitty. I feel bad that they decided to shut down because of too much negative feedback and mean comments for such a small site. I can get snarky sometimes in my knitty reviews (which some designers have taken offense to when coming across my journal after googling themselves), but knitty is pretty major at this point and isn't going anywhere. For magknits I only reviewed the patterns that I liked.

Guess I can't say too much since I've criticized designers for their patterns before. I haven't slammed a whole site though. What can I say, it's a small web and we all have poison pens. If the magknits editors kept getting negative feedback about their hard work, you can't blame them for quitting, especially since they weren't supporting themselves on it. In this corner of the world, I thought they did a great job and they will be very missed.

Mar. 27th, 2008

hindrance and perfidia

sweatery goodness

The lace leaf sweater is finally finished, hurrah! This means attaching the sleeves and blocking the whole damn thing. It almost shames me that such an easy sweater took so long. Technically I think I knit the entire thing in just a few weeks, I just got tripped up when the sleeves came out too long, and instead of fixing them right away, I moved on to new projects.

I tried this on as soon as the ends were weaved in (before blocking) and I didn't like it that much. I knit this because I wanted the whole waif-lost-in-the-woods look, but when I tried it on, I wasn't crazy about it. I started wishing I'd put in more shaping around the waist. However, a big part of the problem is that I was trying it on with jeans, messy hair and no makeup. On Easter (after blocking) I put it on with a long black skirt and was feeling much more cute, and that just makes all the difference. So now I like it. The yarn (knitpicks Sierra) is kind of itchy, but I'm pretty sure that will get better with time. It just means it's not really a lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday sort of sweater.

beholdCollapse )

In other knitting news, I found a random ball of mulberry colored laceweight yarn in my stash, so I cast on for lucky k8. I've never knit with laceweight before because I've never had the proper needles. The knitpicks options are perfect for it. I've decided that instead of casting on for a big sweater project again, I'm going to just kick out a bunch of small projects. A friend of mine wants to commission me to make a hat for a friend with dreadlocks, so I'm perusing patterns for that. And then maybe I can cast on for small Xmas present type stuff, like slippers and purses. I'd kind of like to make the puff sleeved cardigan from Fitted Knits next, but we'll see how I'm feeling when hot weather (finally!) hits. Maybe it'll be a fall project.

Oct. 12th, 2007


"Over the falls in a busted canoe!"

Maude Louise is going very well. I'm already just an inch away from the sleeve decreases. I finished the lattice stitch bodice and it was super fun. The whole thing is pretty fun actually. I think this sweater might be The One. Here's hoping, anyway.

But this post is going to veer away from knitting, and off towards Halloween instead. Halloween is totally my favorite holiday. I'm baffled by people who don't like to dress up for it. Unfortunately, last year I missed out on it, even though I'd been working on a costume. Basically work got in the way of my Hallows Eve frolics and we stayed in. So this year I'm making up for it.

I'm going as Strega Pez, a character from Dame Darcy's comic book, Meat Cake. I've been searching for a good picture of her online, but can't really find one. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, Strega is the one, well, with the giant pez coming out of her throat. And if you click Paper Doll Fun, you can see all of the characters, but you have to have the right plug in. The concept is that poor Strega can only speak by having giant Pez candy coming out of a slit in her throat. The words she wants to say are written on the candy. She works low paying jobs, such as the cannery or freak shows or Clammity Jane's Clam O'Shackie, where she can give her mermaid friend free clams.

Last year I made giant Pez. I went to Joanne's Fabrics and bought these items:

Brushes, pink and black paint, stencil letters, two styrofoam blocks, and a dangerous thing that heats up and slices through styrofoam. It's a good thing I bought a couple blocks, because of course the first one I made a mess of. The second one came out like this.

Mmm, the memory conjures up the smell of burning styrofoam.

A little pink paint, and we have this:

Giant Pez! Whoo!

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the black writing on it. The stencils didn't work at all, so instead I just wrote in freehand, "I'M NOT BROKE BUT I'M BADLY BIT." I bought a strong medical adhesive so I could attach it to my throat with that, plus something to dissolve the adhesive. I'm still a little apprehensive about glueing anything to my skin, so I'm trying to attach leather string to the styrofoam so I can wear it kind of like a choker. I glued the leather to the sides with fabric glue, and I also have tacks that I want to stick through it as well to hold it. We'll see. I might have to use the adhesive, but it's worth a shot.

Since the difficult Pez-making part was finished last year, I'm able to concentrate on the rest of the outfit this year. Yay! Strega may be broke, but she's still got style. All of Dame Darcy's characters are heavy on the flapper fashion, usually topped off with black and white stripey stockings. Flapper clothing is not a problem for me. I decided I wanted to work the low paying job thing, so I found a cute black and white apron, and I'm making a nametag that says CLAMMITY JANE'S CLAM O'SHACKIE, Hello My Name Is STREGA PEZ. Still need to get black and white tights (I only have red and black stripes).

Wish me luck it all works out! If not, meh. I still have wings and a tiara left over from the wedding. (How many people can say that?)

Sep. 15th, 2007

hindrance and perfidia

oh for fuck sake!

Okay, since joining ravelry, I've received my second comment from a designer who found something I wrote about their product. This one was from one of the knitters for the rapunzel hat I slagged almost a year ago. I thought that locking up just the knitty reviews would make me safe from offending anyone. Apparently not. Apparently this journal is going to be friends only from now on.

Here's the thing...this journal is not a yarn harlot type of blog that everyone around the world reads. I have maybe six people who are friended on this journal. I created this because I wanted to document my knitting progress. I mostly use my f-list for reading the lj knitting communities. Sometimes I get a little snarky, but that's because I'm a snarky person.

I honestly don't want to offend anyone with my writing. If you took the time to design something, or if you're handknitting something for a major company that isn't oppressing a 3rd world nation, that's fantastic. All the same, there are a hell of a lot of journals out there besides mine that don't like a certain knitty pattern, or think anyone who pays $300 for a hat is out of their minds. In fact, the whole rapunzel hat thing came about from a discussion on a message board with like minded people. My point wasn't that the expensive hat is a bad thing...my point was that this is why people are returning to making things themselves.

And of course, if I'm putting it out there, I shouldn't be surprised when the people behind what I'm panning are reading it. Therefore, this journal is officially locked up. If you want to read me, add me.

p.s. The last time this happened I was embarrassed and apologetic. Tonight I read this comment first thing after getting home from a long 10 hour day at work. Hence the bitchiness.

May. 30th, 2005

hindrance and perfidia

julia tank top

Okay, I finally figured out the tank top I want to knit. I was thinking about Sexie from SnBN, and was going to order the yarn for it off of ebay (which still would have been a bit expensive). Then I found a really cute pattern on helloknitty.com which you can see right here. Only I'm going to be knitting it in "ruby." Very excited!

I have pictures of the finished Branching Out scarf, but of course they're still locked in my undeveloped film. I gave it to Mom for Mothers Day and she loved it. Won't be able to wear it till winter but both she and Dad were incredibly impressed by the lacy pattern and asked questions like, "How do you get it to all hold together?" as if I knit each individual leaf and sewed it all up. Magic!

Don't know if I've written before about my absolutely boring taste in colors. Actually it isn't boring at all, but it's very very limited. My wardrobe (except for my jeans) consists almost entirely of black and red. Back when I dressed more gothy (not that I don't now, but it's a more casual sort of goth as opposed to the full out victorian goth years back) I wore black almost exclusively, then began to incorporate more red in my wardrobe; dark red, cherry red, burgundy, anything but orangey-red. I'll also occasionally do purple, on a dark plum level. On rare occasions I'll even do pink, but only if it's contrasted with black. So I predict I'm going to end up with many many many knitted black or red items in my closet. Not a bad thing whatsoever in my opinion, although sometimes it's fun knitting for other people in colors I normally wouldn't use. I still haven't made anything with stripes because, well, I don't like stripes. (Although black and red striped Emily the Strange type socks would be cool.) Yarn that has a bunch of different colors all mottled together make me kinda cringe, as I much prefer solid colors. Yeah. I'm boring.